Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The "CHUnited States of America"

 I can't blame China for their desire to emerge as the world's number one super-power. It's only natural that people, let alone nations, would want to excel. Someone will lead the world if America continues to neglect its role-for such a time as this. In a nation where liberal fairytales have our President subservient to the whims of dictators, American dominance and freedom are not just likely to end, but inevitable.

Chinese President Hu Jintao shakes
hands with U.S. President Barack
Obama (Xinhua/Ju Peng)

There's no doubt that some of you that have just read the last paragraph are responding, "Good, America doesn't deserve or need to be number one." However, you speak that at your own peril-our peril!. Remember power by nations-whether it's being attained or lost always comes at a price. What was the consequence for the world when America rose to the top? The answer is faith in Christ, freedom for individuals, and prosperity through free market capitalism. Think about it! If a communist nation becomes the world's super-power, it's not a stretch to say other nations will follow their lead to compete, just as many nations (including China) adapted some parts of the American free-market system to thrive. 

Make no mistake about it, when President Obama greeted Premier Hu Jintao with an elaborate state dinner earlier this month there was no doubt that the Chinese leader had done his country proud. In one visit China's leader established a new partnership with America, made President Obama recognize them as equal to America (though they're not), and the Premier even managed to establish China as a peaceful nation with the help of America's gullible media. All the while in Hu Jintao's home country women are forced to abort their children, child labor laws are non-existent, citizens are killed and starved in rice-fields, and there military and stealth weaponry capabilities are advancing, while ours are stagnant at best. China is seizing their opportunity to become exceptional, and our leaders seem poised to let them take the mantle. 

One of the biggest mistakes that liberals make is arbitrarily projecting their worldview onto other nation-states. The assumption is that as long as we're nice to bullies (in this case, dictators and communists) they'll be nice to us, and in effect the whole world will live in peace. Communists aren't hippies, their motives are different! Liberals must be reminded that America is exceptional unlike any other nation on this planet, because we value more than just our currency, trade, and our power. We value God, people, and individual liberty.

Countries like China value power at the expense of individual freedom, but Americans value freedom because it empowers the individual, and there lies the difference. The day that we forget this fact is the day that America will cease to be "the land of the free." Our indebtedness to China is crippling. If we don't hold our President and Congress accountable for our nation's spending, we better be ready for a new national language...Chinese! God is sovereign! I don't know why He blessed America with such riches and opportunity, but I don't question it. I do know however, if we take our freedoms for granted we'll lose them. Maybe some of you liberals would prefer slaving in rice-fields, but I'd rather live in a country where I can help provide the resources to get the laborers out of those fields.