Monday, December 26, 2011

Not so Common Thread: Why Occupy Wall Street and the TEA Party are Nothing Alike

The Bible tells us that if we don't work we don't eat, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) tells us you shouldn't have to work to eat. Who do you believe? OWS is rallying against "corporate greed" by demanding on no uncertain terms the fruits (at least a piece) of another man's labor. You don't fight greed with envy! This is why politics without Godly principles is futile. Liberals like to put a monetary value on greed, but the amount of money a person makes doesn't determine whether or not they're greedy, motives do. Oddly enough I believe you'd find a greater concentration of greed and corruption amongst the protestors of Wall Street rather than vice-versa.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is doomed for failure. It'll have no lasting impact on the political landscape other than temporarily exciting the liberal base of the democrat party, and the historians that will lie when they rewrite history claiming otherwise. There will be no new converts other than protestors who don't understand American exceptionalism and the blessings of capitalism when used effectively and honestly. On a spiritual note the very ideology of modern liberalism (embraced by OWS) is antithetical to god, freedom, and fairness. Liberals attempt to play god, conservatives attempt to obey god, but we all fall short. 

It's important to understand that Christ is the final arbitor of morality. Liberals throw the word "greed" around like it's going out of style because they're moral relativist who project what they are (greedy) onto others to feel righteous. Just look at the protestors, they're trying to stake claim on the pocket books of stranger's, and yet have the ordasity to call others greedy! I'm sure some of you are asking "but Carl what about the corrupt businessmen (corporate greed)?" To which I'd reply, if you support OWS who demand to take from others that which they did not earn, you've got some nerve to talk! God is the standard bearer not you! Besides, most of us can only name CEO's that our government chose to bailout. That doesn't make them greedy that makes many of the politicians we voted for stupid! Capitalism is a profit and loss system (as I was reminded by a clip of Milton Friedman played on the Mark Levin radio show). Had it been allowed to work these companies would have rightfully collapsed or filed for bankruptcy. What we the American people have seen during Bush's last year in office and Obama's three years in office is not capitaliism it's chronyism!
The TEA (taxed enough already) party has asked the government to stop spending money we don't have so that the country remains solvent. OWS on the other hand wants the government to take and redistribute more money from our nations hardest workers and job creators so their pockets get fat in the name of "fair share." That however is a oximoron because the more of our money the government has to spend the less money the private sector (you and I) has to invest, spend, help others, provide jobs, and build small businesses. They shout out nonsensical claims like "we are the 99%," as if America has returned to a class system pre-Revolutionary War. Although 47% of our lower income population pay no federal income taxes whatsoever they obtain more benefits from our federal government than those that do. That's crazy! This is what happens however when we humans ignore God's just laws and try to redefine the word "fairness" according to our likng. The problem I have with both OWS and the TEA Party is that the two often fail to recognize man's sinful nature as they etch out their goals- read my blog NO 3RD PARTY JUST JESUS at Holyslant.
Fortunately for us, everything Americans need to know about capitalism can be found in the Parable of the Talents. In Matthew 25:14-28 a man goes on a journey and entrust his property to three of his servants. The first servant was given five talents (money), the second two talents, and the last servant was given one talent (notice God's sovereignty in the uneven distribution of wealth). The first two servants worked hard to double their master's investment, while the third servant played it safe and hid the money in the ground, neither losing money or working hard to improve his condition or maximize his master's investment. Upon his return the master rewarded the first two servants with even greater monetary responsibility, but he took the little that he had given to the third man and gave it to the first servant with the ten talents. The property owner then called the third servant wicked and lazy for sitting on his money.

The bottom line is God expects a return on his investments (us), and that includes whatever gifts and finances he's blessed us with. Although America is best classified as a mixed economy (capitalism with sprinkles of socialism), capitalism and semi-free markets are what sustain us. OWS is much like the third servant that expects rewards and praise for work he never did but should have done. Socialisms proponents (what OWS really wants) attempt to capitalize on other people's gifts and finances, while neglecting their own responsibilities. In God's economy that just wont fly!