Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ron Paul is No Conservative

Ron Paul supporter's may be shocked he placed third in the Iowa Caucus, but frankly, I'm saddened he came so close. We can all agree that Congressman Paul knows his stuff when it comes to the Federal Reserve and economics, however that's where his conservatism ends.

It is true that many (if not most) of our Founders subscribed to a Libertarian worldview. They believed in self governance and individual freedom as does Ron Paul. Many professed Christianity as does Ron Paul. So what's the difference? God is the difference! Our Founding Fathers realized that freedom was impossible to maintain without a moral people. Yes, modern libertarians believe in unrestricted liberty, however, our Forefathers understood unrestricted liberty without a sovereign god was no more than a nation in decline. Where there is no god man will play god.

Think about it. Unrestricted liberty as the founders perceived it included a moral people capable of self governance because God was their buffer if they got out of line. Even the deist of the bunch realized the absolute necessity of God in a representative republic. Thus, where personal morality failed the law of the land would compensate. Ron Paul is not an effective Constitutionalist because he fails to recognize that the spirit of the Constitution was given to us by The Law Giver. How do I know this?

I know this because his constituents tell us everytime they support the legalization of drugs and prostitution. Both of these sins destroy the body and soul. Fiscal conservatism alone is no conservatism at all. It does not account for the associated financial and moral cost to our society. Whether you agree with Social Security or not, live babies would pay more in to the system than dead babies (aborted) ever will. If you legalize prostitution you'll save on cops salaries, but you'll create more medical cost. Not to mention the expansion of the "baby mama drama" welfare state.

Whenever Ron Paul is promoting his anti-war rhetoric it's not uncommon to hear him use the words "entangling alliances" when quoting the Constitution. I only wish he was as vigilant about keeping his constituents out of entangling sin.

For more on this subject read Star Parker's article RON PAUL, REAGAN, and REPUBLICAN YOUTH at    

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